How to set Xendesktop Friendly Name in StoreFront 7.X
August 21, 2016

We see in a lot of cases, that the StoreFront shows more than one pc per user, and for the user is difficult to know in what VM need to click.

So, to fix this problem, we create a simple script to change the presented name in Storefront, changing the VM group to the VM name.

#Carga de Snapins de Citrix.

Asnp Citrix*

#Busqueda y cambio de nombre de las VMs

$Machine = Get-BrokerPrivateDesktop | Where-Object {$_.PublishedName -eq $Null} | ft HostedMachineName | findstr /v ” _$Null HostedMachineName ———– _$Null”
$var1 = $Machine.Trim()
$var2 = $Test.Trim()
Write-Output $var2 > log.txt
(gc log.txt) | ? {$_.trim() -ne “”} | set-content file.txt
$Final = (gc file.txt) | findstr (Colocar el string a buscar, dependiendo la nomenclatura utilizada.)
foreach ($XD in $Final){
Set-BrokerPrivateDesktop -MachineName dominio\$XD -PublishedName $XD

You need to put the script in a empty .ps1 file, and run it.

With this script now the user sees the real VM name.That’s how you have the Friendly Name in StoreFront 7.X.